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Kamogawa-kan Inn


Just a 3-minute walk from Sanjo Station, Kamogawa-kan Inn offers Japanese-style rooms in the city centre. It features a large public bath, free Wi-Fi in public areas.

Rooms at Kamogawakan feature tatami-mat flooring with traditional futon bedding. They are fitted with a TV. Private bathrooms have a bathtub with shower and amenities.

The 24-hour front desk offers safety storage of valuables, and luggage storage service. Guests can shop for souvenirs in the hotel store. Vending machines selling drinks are available.

In traditional style, Hotel Kamogawan serves authentic local meals in the dining room. Meals typically consist of a range of delicious seasonal dishes.

Kamogawakan is within 10 minutes’ walking distance from downtown areas Gion, Ponto-cho, Kiya-machi, Kawara-machi. It is a 5-minute drive from Heian Jingu Shrine and an 8-minute one from Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Guest Rooms

Kamogawa-kan Inn has 'Japanese style room' & 'Japanese style Suit room'.
All guestrooms are Japanese-style.
Please take off your shoes and step into the "tatami"-room.
The tatami has a delightful scent.
Enjoy Japanese style, sleeping on a "Futon" bedding.


Your meal will be served in the restaurant, you'll enjoy your private time among your family or friends. Enjoy the feature Japanese dishes based on seasonal taste treats...

  • Kaiseki A

  • Kaiseki B

  • Kaiseki C

  • Shiromiso-Chanko Hot Pot

  • "Sukiyaki"

  • "Shabu Shabu"

  • Kamogawanabe Hot Pot A

  • Kamogawanabe Hot Pot B

  • Kamogawanabe Hot Pot C

Kaiseki cuisine
Traditional Japanese cuisine Kaiseki-ryori is an artistic Japanese seasonal cuisine. At Kamogawa-kan, we have 3 types of Kaiseki-ryori; Kaiseki A, Kaiseki B, and Kaiseki C. We use fresh ingredients of the season and cooked in ways that enhance the original taste of the ingredients. Enjoy the traditional Japanese cuisine while you are here in Japan.

Hot Pot cuisine
Warm yourself up with hot pot! Family, friends, all gather round a large, deep ceramic dish.

"Sukiyaki" and "Shabu Shabu" are one of the most popular foods in Japan. The ingredient for "shabu shabu" & "sukiyaki" are thinly-sliced beef, tofu, and vegetables. Meat for shabu shabu is thinner than meat for sukiyaki. You'll have a lively conversation in front of the "sukiyaki"/"shabu shabu"pot. Enjoy the traditional Japanese dish at kamogawa-kan Inn.

About Kamogawa Nabe --- "Kamogawa Nabe" is filled with several kinds of seafood, lobster, fishcake, chicken, vegetables, and "Udon" noodles. You'll enjoy serving yourself from the central pot. When the ingredients are boiled in broth in the big pot, it's the time fish out what you want. Have a good time enjoying the warming Kamogawa Nabe.


You can enjoy bathing and chatting with other guests in a large public bath at kamogawa-kan Inn.
All guest rooms also have an each private bath.
The public bath is available from 16:00 to 24:00 & 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning.
The Public bath for Men and women are separated.


From Sanjo Keihan Station to Kamogawa-kan Inn.
It's just a 3 minutes walk from Sanjo Keihan Station.

From Kyoto Staion to Sanjo Keihan Station.
Total traveling time: Approx 15 min, by Kyoto Subway line.
Take the Karasuma Line bound for Kokusaikaikan to Karasuma-Oike Station. (3 stops from Kyoto Station)
Transfer to the Tozai Line bound for Rokujizo or Hama-otsu to Sanjo Keihan Station. (2 stops from Karasuma-Oike Station)

From Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Kyoto Staion.

By Train

Total traveling time: Approx 80 min.
Kansai Airport to (JR Tokkyu Haruka Line) to JR Kyoto Station

By Bus

Total traveling time: Approx. 105 min.
Kansai International Airport to (Airport Limousine Bus) to JR Kyoto Station (Hachijo Exit)


General Information
How can I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation by on-line.
Which credit cards can be used at kamogawa-kan Inn?
Kamogawa-kan Inn accepts, AMEX, VISA, JCB, DC, UC, Master Card, Diners Club.
When do I need to pay?
You can pay at check-out time.
How can I find my reservation status?
Once you made a reservation by clicking "confirm reservation", you'll receive the confirmation #. Please print out the page and bring with you.
Do you have curfew (closing time)?
We don't have curfew, but we will close the main entrance around 11 p.m. for security reasons.
If the main gate were closed, please ask a custodian to unlock the door for you.
Service Questions
Could you tell me about Amenities at Kamogawa-kan Inn?
We do have *yukata *hairdryer *safe deposit box *toothbrush *face   bath towel *hand soap *individual air conditioning control *refrigerator
--- each room has refrigerator. please help yourself to the cold drinks inside. please settle all accounts at check-out time.
Contact Us

Contact by e-mail
Thank you for your interest in Kamogawa-kan Inn. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We are very happy to hear from you.

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